SCOPE 1.5 Available

The sources and further documentation of SCOPE 1.5 are now available through in the subdirectory /pub/doc/aps in the form of two files: scope15_source.tar.Z and scope15_man.tar.Z

The file scope15_man.tar.Z contains the following files: reduce.sty, scope_15.tex, scope_15.bib, and a testfile and a logfile. The file is build with the files reduce.sty, reduce.tex and reduce.bib in the usual way. The file consists of the postscript version of the manual. Section 11 of the manual is the installation guide. The testfile and the logfile contain predictable information.

The file scope15_source.tar.Z contain all files, mentioned in section 11 of the manual, including the mkscope_15 file given there.

Have fun,
Hans van Hulzen